Audio Videos
We at Dizikone India provide high end solution for Audio Video System Integration.
Our Product will bring revoluation in your meeting room, Video Conferencing, Virtual classes. We use cutting edge technology for AVSI.
Dizikone India specializes in the design, engineering and installation of audio visual systems that drive performance.
Equipments for Video Conferencing.
1. Multimedia /Interactive Projector. 2500 ansi luments to 20000 Ansi lumens, HD and 3D.
2. Motorized screen.
3. Professional interactive LED display.
4. Audio and Video Conferencing equipment.
5. Sound systems.

System Architecture
1. Two video projectors with automatically switched
2. RGB/composite video inputs
3. Floor boxes and wall plates for moving audio and video to and from supported locations
4. Wireless transmitters and receivers for assisted listening and translator audio (Option)
5. Wireless microphones
6. DVD, audiocassette and multi standard videocassette
7. Computer interfaces
8. Numerous monitors and a video switcher for video production
9. Various support devices such as RGB and video routers and a digital audio processor
10.A well-equipped Control Room with windows to the Auditorium.