Your customers expect the best. As do ours. Which is why we’re providing wide range of LFD to our customer. Offering UHD (4K) resolution, it’s for those who want to deliver a big, bright, ultra-high resolution message. Whether it’s in your retail establishment, your corporate boardroom or your public space, there’s never before existed this combination of commercial durability, UHD resolution and sheer impact.
  Deliver startlingly clear images in a more eco-friendly way with the edge LED display. High on performance and reliability, yet low on power consumption, it is ideal for projects where no compromise is accepted.
  Optimized for public viewing
  • Full HD LED technology for brilliant images
• IPS wide view technology for image and color accuracy
  Operational flexibility
  • Connect and control your content via the cloud with HTML5
• Connect your display and start sharing with DLNA
• Smart Control Software Suite
• Schedule what you want, when you want
• USB Media Playback
  Lower total cost of ownership
• SmartPower for energy saving
• Power consumption below the industry average
  Sustainable and safe
  • 3 year warranty
• Complies with RoHS standards to care for the environment