We at dizikone supply all type of IT-Equipments, hardware or softwares, at very optimal rate. The most valuable product we are having is Degausser.
The Most Features in a Compact Degausser
• Complete erasure of the latest high coercivity hard drives & tape.
• Microprocessor controlled sensors verify power and erasure.
• Process up to 300 drives/tapes per hour all day every day.
• Capable of operating from a standard wall outlet worldwide.
• Portable with Optional MIL SPEC Transport Case.
• Accommodates a wide variety of tapes and hard drives.
• Independently tested and verifi ed for complete erasure of data.
• Certifi ed independently to CE and ANSI electrical standards.
Cables and Connectors
  Cables are an important, but often overlooked, component in a display system. Poorly performing cable can adversely affect an entire system, which is why they are often called the weakest link in any chain of electronic devices.
Brands used are…
1. Extron
2. Kramer
3. Belden
4. Falcon
5. Neutrix MX
6. Amphenol
7. AMP……..etc…