Digital Signage
  Today the whole world is getting digital, so its time to make your business ads digital. We provide professional solution for that makes your display suitable and optimised for your recent business needs. In this way we add values to your business and to your ideas.
Digital Signage can be used for out-of-home advertising in which video content, advertisements, messages are displayed on digital signs with the goal of delivering targeted messages, to specific locations and consumers, at specific times. Through it real time information can be delivered like news, weather report etc.
Different Types of Digital Signage:-
1. Video Wall Display - Video wall display evolved day by day is excellent in raising business value.
2. Large Format Display - Large Format Display gets close to right tool giving message to public.
3. Stand Alone Display - This range of display permits partner use in supermarket, store, showroom and shipping mall regardless of place.
4. Outdoor LED video wall Display - The Outdoor LED Video Walls are widely used in Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Stadium Shows, Bus Stops & Railway Stations for Advertising Purpose, Live Outdoor Events and many other places.

We design and supply Outdoor and Indoor LED video wall Display with excellent quality. It has amazing degree of sharpness, clarity and resolution. Besides, amazing features we have P10 Outdoor Led Screens, which is extremely powerful and effecient.