Data Security Solutions for the Media
  We protect your sensitive data that drives your business. Today most of the business require data security, we not only provide data security but also maintain very sensitive data related to the financial and personal relationships between the organization and the people it works with to develop and distribute the creative product.
Perhaps more than in any other industry, positive personal relationships are critical to creating successful products and maintaining a positive corporate image.
A breach in data can not only hurt the organization’s reputation, it can bring normal business operations to a complete halt and cost extraordinary amounts in business days, weeks and even months lost as the organization struggles to find out what happened, how and what options it has for fixing the damage.
  Benefits which you will get from us.
  1. Enables central management of the data security across the organization
2. Fast and easy to implement
3. Works with many types of data
4. Works on multiple platforms
5. Protects data without having a negative impact on system response
  Protect your precious data with our cutting edge technology
  Dizikone can install its Data Security solutions within few days rather than months. Dizikones's secutity solutions work with most of the major operating systems, including Linux, UNIX and Windows servers in physical, virtual, cloud and big data Cardholder Data Environments.